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Banktrack helps you manage your day-to-day cash and stay ahead of deadlines and payments

Join hundreds of companies that are already using Banktrack to save time and boost their business.

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MeliaWonderSANTAGLORIAPalo market festDAVIDADDMOPilatusTradivelGastrikMachakaHill Planet

Visualize your finances in real time

  • Keep all your financial information in one place
  • Automate calculations and save time
  • Make projections to better manage your business
  • Stay on top of expenses, incomes, and more
Billing and Payments

Forget about the chaos of invoices and suppliers

  • Manage all your invoices and expenses
  • Send automatic reminders to late payers
  • Avoid financial bottlenecks thanks to timely management
  • Analyze the best times to pay your bills

Create scenarios and forecasts

  • Make decisions with future financial visibility
  • Adjust and optimize the management based on new scenarios
  • Create forecasts and anticipate future expenses

Who is it for?

Banktrack is ideal for companies and freelancers who want to have better control over their finances and optimize their management.

  • Financial Control Panel

    Customizable views with the information you choose to fully control your treasury.

  • Transaction Search

    Find and locate transactions in seconds, download them in Excel or send them directly to your manager.

  • Invoice Management with AI

    Send invoices directly to Banktrack and digitize them on the spot with artificial intelligence.

  • Forecasts and Scenarios

    Create rules to categorize or automatically modify the transactions in your accounts.

  • Customizable Reports

    Create daily, monthly, or quarterly reports and receive them by email, WhatsApp, Slack, or Telegram.

  • Intelligent Alerts

    Receive alerts when something happens in your accounts: Income, Expenses, Duplicate Charges, Low Balance, etc.

  • Share Data Without Giving Your Passwords

    Give your team or manager access without having to share your bank passwords.

  • Automatic Rules

    Create rules to categorize or automatically modify the transactions in your accounts.

It gives me a clear vision of all my income and expenses

CEO of KS Asesores
Very easy and intuitive while being powerful, totally recommendable
It helps a lot in managing my treasury and the accounts of our business group.
An application that delivers everything expected. The customer service is top-notch
Jose B.
Receiving quick responses and solutions seems to be of a superlative level
Fernando C.
Automatic categorization makes the process agile, easy, and enjoyable
Victor J.
The manual process has been converted to automatic at 100%, a remarkable improvement
Íñigo V.
Great application, better service. Totally recommendable
I use it every day for my finances and have not had to go back to my banks.
Financial Dashboard

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