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Banktrack for Companies

Visualize and categorize your expenses and income in real-time, and efficiently share the information with your team and accounting firm.

With Banktrack, I keep precise control of my personal finances. The apps I've used so far didn't meet my needs. Here, I can customize and automate everything.
Marta González

Used by over 1000 entrepreneurs, accountants, and financial directors.

Manage your treasury and analyze your cash flow

Synchronize your banks and customize your own view of expenses and income to have all your financial information whenever you need it.

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Automatic Invoice Reconciliation

Automatically and accurately reconcile your invoices and bank transactions

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Connect with your team

Invite your team to join Banktrack and collaborate in real-time on the financial management of your company.

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Simplifica tus finanzas. Dedica más tiempo a tu negocio.